The Caesura Youth Orchestra (CYO) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization based on the El Sistema model to provide urban youth with a positive community where they can through music experience a break from the negative impact of drugs, gangs and economic disadvantages.

CYO is a stakeholder in the Los Angeles Philharmonic Youth Orchestras of Los Angeles project. There is no past or present activity; there are two planned activities:

Music education:

We provide free musical instruments and music instruction to disadvantaged students in Glendale, CA. Free instruction is provided by professional musicians from various orchestras in the Los Angeles area.

The target audience to be served through this charitable program is students in the south part of Glendale in the Third to Fifth Grades, with expansion as soon as practical to include students from pre-school to high school. Students meet four times a week after school. Education also takes the form of attending performances of orchestras at no charge to students and their parents, through cooperative relationships with groups such as the Glendale Youth Orchestra.

Music performance:

We provide regular performance opportunities for students in the program. Students perform regularly at Cerritos Elementary, local churches, hospitals and community events.

It is estimated that 80% of organizational time will be spent on music education, and 20% on performance. CYO is funded through grants, corporate donations, in-kind donations, ticket revenue from performances and gifts from individuals and service clubs.

Definition of Caesura:

In musical notation, a caesura denotes a brief, silent pause, during which metrical time is not counted. In musical notation, the symbol for a caesura is a pair of parallel lines set at an angle, rather like a pair of forward slashes: //. The symbol is popularly called “railroad tracks” in the U.S.

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