The Caesura Youth Orchestra has just completed two years of after-school classes, providing students ages 9-12 with free music education, free instruments and free group lessons from highly qualified instructors. During this period of time we have received 45 instruments. We have provided 100 hours of instruction during our Summer Music Camp. The students have performed for parents, community groups and in a side by side performance with an orchestra. We have also received funding and in-kind support from numerous foundations, orchestras, music stores and many individuals – like you.

Thank you for making this program possible – and please consider continuing support for this school year, as help is urgently needed. We currently need $2000 to start this school year.


The students’ homeroom teachers were surveyed in May of 2016 for an assessment of their academic and social behavior over the course of the school year, as it relates to their participation in CYO. Of 28 responses from teachers, students received the following assessments:

  • An overall average score of 3.96, where 1 is “poor” and 5 is “excellent”
  • 93% of students’ positive behaviors and/or academic performance were associated with their participation in CYO
  • A recurring trait observed by teachers are student’s ability to work in a group setting
  • A third of students were called out as having improved during the year, and teachers credited the improvements with their participation in CYO.
Following is a small sampling of the teacher’s comments:

“Student had a rough start this year, her behavior improved and mother believes music helped a lot. She is proud of her achievement and carries her recorder with her everywhere. She gave a recital in class. This really helped her self-esteem.”

“Behavior much improved from beginning of year. Has much more self-control.”

“Struggles with socially appropriate behavior. Helpful for him to be part of a group like CYO.”

“Academic performance improved a lot this year.”

“Improved much over the course of the year. Received Most Improved Student award. Showed pride in being able to play an instrument.”

Looking to the Fall of 2016 and Beyond.

We are collaborating with LA Works and a new program, LA Music. Through this program, we hope to reduce our costs by having graduate student interns donating their time and allowing us to expand to more elementary schools within the GUSD. BUT, this does not eliminate our need for your support. We will still need funds for some of our teachers and eventually for some support staff to provide coordination for our Teaching Artists. We also have expenses for required insurance.

We will be starting a new class of recorder students at Cerritos and continuing to provide instruction to returning string and woodwind students this Fall.

We have formed relationships with several organizations who are willing to provide benefit concerts to provide us with support. These concerts also require some minimal funding for public relations, tickets and a reception.

Benefit Concert

We are just completing plans for a Fall benefit concert that you are sure to enjoy. Stay tuned for exciting updates as they become available!

I WANT TO HELP. Here are some ways you can help:

I want to make a donation. We need $2000 to start this school year. Every $ is important!

  • For donations under $100 please use PayPal on our Donate page.
  • For donations over $100 please send a check to payable to Caesura Youth Orchestra to the following address:
    Caesura Youth Orchestra, c/o Glendale City SDA
    610 E. California Ave., Glendale, CA 91206

Please contact Dave at for information on all of the following:

  • I have an instrument that’s no longer being used; I want to donate to CYO.
  • I want to pay to have an instrument refurbished.
  • I want to designate the Caesura Youth Orchestra as my charity when I purchase on Amazon. Sign up now. See our Facebook page or our website.
  • I want to volunteer.
  • I’m interested in joining the CYO board.



Dave Ferguson, President

August Newsletter – 2016
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