cae・su・ra , noun [siˈZHo͝orə]

cae・su・ra , noun [siˈZHo͝orə] : a break or interruption. Popularly called “railroad tracks,” a caesura // denotes a break in the music. Similarly, the mission of the Caesura Youth Orchestra is to give the youth of Glendale a break by providing a safe & fun space to study and perform music.

We currently serve Third to Fifth Grade students in south Glendale. The program launched in 2014 at Cerritos Elementary School where twenty-four children are already participating. Starting with recorders, the program provides music education and group instruction, which will lead to students selecting their own individual instruments in becoming an orchestra. It is expected that students will expand their experience by attending concerts of programs in the region, such as Glendale Youth Orchestra, Youth Orchestra Los Angeles, Harmony Project and our many other partners.

In early November the La Sierra University Orchestra helped launch us with a benefit concert that raised over $6,000 to start the program. They gave us a great start and now we need your help to continue providing quality music education and team-building to our city’s youth.

Get Involved

  • Provide cash sponsorship; for example a week’s worth of education by professional musicians at $400 or a month’s worth for $1,600. Visit our website and click the donation link:
  • Donate a used instrument that is still in good condition or help purchase a new one.
  • Assist with refurbishing donated used instruments.
  • Contact us about volunteer opportunities.

How can 24 children change our city?

The study and performance of music has been shown to improve grades, address behavior issues, and change children’s lives leading them to become leaders in their community. Join us in providing the break- that “caesura” – that our disadvantaged youth both want and need.

CYO is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All cash, checks, and credit card donations are completely tax-deductible.

Please visit our website:

December Newsletter – 2014
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