newsletter_december_2015Recently, students were asked what they liked about Caesura and what they had learned at Caesura. Here’s what they said: “We get to perform concerts in front of an audience. I learned how to play the recorder and the violin.” “The thing I like best about Caesura is the teachers.” “I like Caesura because it’s fun. I learn music every day. It’s really fun. My flute is my first real instrument. I learned many notes, sometimes they were challenging, but I got over it. My Mom signed me up for Caesura, I first said nay I don’t want to, but now I love it. It’s like my second home.” “I liked the pizza parties.” “The teachers are funny. We learned valuable lessons about manners, like not to speak over people or play over people.” “I like clapping the rhythms.” “I love playing the flute. If I didn’t learn to play the flute I wouldn’t be in this great music class, Caesura.”

Here are some ways you can support these students with a year-end gift

  • We want to thank donors who contributed on Giving Tuesday.  This was our first year to participate.  We are grateful for everyone who made a contribution that day.  Donations can still be accepted for this program through the end of December.
  • PayPal has a special offer for non-profits throughout December.  If you make a donation on our website, 101% of your donation will be credited to CYO.  As you consider your year-end giving please remember CYO!
  • In lieu of cash donations have you considered donating appreciated stocks? Donating Appreciated Stock is a cost effective way of making year-end charitable contribution.
  • If you have held a security for 12 months or longer you can avoid paying capital gains taxes on any profit and still receive a 100% tax deduction for the full value of the donation.  Please contact for more information.
  • Be sure to sign up for Amazon Smile before placing your Amazon order during the holidays.

Recent Performances and coming events.

CYO performed in the lobby of Glendale Memorial Hospital on Tuesday, December 1. The strings and woodwinds presented a thirty minute concert to over thirty staff members who came to the lobby

December 9 the CYO presented a forty-five minute concert to parents and prospective new students and their parents at Cerritos Elementary School Auditorium. We’ll be posting videos of this performance on our website very soon.

A new class begins on January 11 for students at Cerritos Elementary.

January 24 at 7 PM the CYO students will perform a piece with the La Sierra University Orchestra during the Benefit Concert. The concert will be held at the Glendale City Church, 610 E. California Ave. Since 100% of the concert has been donated, you can make a donation directly on our website for your tickets. Tickets prices are: $5 for students, $20 for adults, $75 for Reserved Seats, $250 for VIP seating. We recommend contacting us directly for the $75 and $250 tickets, since it saves us the processing fee. Please send an email to Tickets will also be avialable at the Glendale City Church and Human Resources at Glendale Adventist Medical Center.

The Holiday Season is, once again, in full-swing, and we should probably not let it pass without at least some acknowledgment and commentary. The season has evolved into more than a month-long event that is filled with both music and visual symbols that are constant reminders of this beautiful time of the year and it’s hard to imagine that anyone could come up with something NEW to be added to the many symbols that have become so ubiquitous.

With that thought in-mind, it’s easy to imagine the perplexity in the mind of a grade school teacher who, on the last day of school before the Holiday Vacation, decided to give her class the project of drawing their favorite Seasonal Images and or scenery. And, with a smile on her face and a nod to political correctness, she was careful to stipulate that all themes are acceptable, both religious and non-religious. As her students finished their drawings and brought them up to her desk she couldn’t help but take note of one drawing in particular that was immediately recognized as a Nativity Scene that showed predictably, Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus and also had a 4th personage that was about the same height as Mary, but with a very, very wide body-type. She couldn’t resist asking the question, “Who is this one?” A look of shocked surprise came on the student’s face and in a tone-of-voice that unmistakably showed they thought the answer to that question should be self-evident, responded without hesitation, “Well…of course, just like the song says, that’s the Round YOUNG Virgin, Mother and Child!”

Editor, Bob White

December Newsletter – 2015
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