As we come to the end of the calendar year, we are so grateful for our Caesura family.  It is a growing, vibrant part of the Glendale community.  Here are a few highlights of the month:

Concert December 2

The month of December began with the members of the Caesura Youth Orchestra performing for the Christmas concert at the Glendale City Church.  Composer John Massari arranged a piece especially for Caesura based on the instruments currently in the orchestra.  The students performed under the direction of Roosevelt Middle School music teacher, Frank Fox.  It was the largest audience the CYO has performed for with nearly 700 in attendance.  The students and their parents enjoyed a pizza supper provided by Pizza Man.  All of the boys wore red bow ties—which were supposed to arrive between Nov 25 and 30 and finally arrived the morning of the concert!  The girls wore red bows and sashes that were prepared by Evie Salzmann and a team of ladies.  Many who attended the concert felt that the performance by CYO was the highlight for them. This church has provided over $27,500 to support CYO over the last three years, plus several thousand dollars from members of the congregation, so it was important for them to see the results of their support.

Parent recital December 7

On Wednesday, December 7, the students from CYO provided a performance for their parents and family members at Cerritos Elementary School Auditorium.  Each group played several pieces they have been working on this Fall.  The recorder students were led by Chad Ellis. It is really amazing to see the tremendous progress these students have made in the last few months.  By the end of January, they will be selecting their new instruments.  The woodwinds performed several pieces led by Dave Ferguson, since their regular teacher had an exam at the university that day.  The strings were led by their new teacher, Madalyn Parnas-Moller.  They concluded the concert by playing the piece that was arranged for the entire group by John Massari.

Ways to Support

We try to provide lots of opportunities for you to support us.  If you are aware of any additional programs that provide support to non-profit organizations, please let us know.


As we prepare to give instruments to our next group of students, we are grateful for the many instruments that have been donated by members of the community.  Each instrument that is received is fully refurbished to be like new.  We welcome donations of woodwind, brass and string instruments.  We are also grateful for financial donations that allow us to pay for the refurbishing and to purchase new instruments.


As we come to the end of the year, it is a time that many consider making donations that provide them with a tax deduction.  We welcome donations made on our website or larger donations that are mailed to us at 610 E. California Ave, Glendale 91206.  All donations are acknowledged and are fully tax-deductible.   If your employer has a Matching Gift program, this is a great way for you to double the value of your gift.

*When you are shopping this season, please remember Caesura. We are part of the Amazon Smile program and Giving Assistant.  Both of these programs provide support to Caesura when you enroll.

*Stock donation

Have you considered donating appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds to Caesura Youth Orchestra in lieu of cash donations? Donating Appreciated Stock is a cost effective way of making year-end charitable contributions.

If you have held a security for 12 months or longer you can avoid paying capital gains taxes on any profit and still receive a 100% tax deduction for the full value of the donation.

December Newsletter – 2016
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