We are ready to start our second year of providing music to students in Glendale. We want to help out the great music teachers in the GUSD who in the elementary schools have one day each week to provide music education and instrument instruction. We will be providing two hours after school on four days each week to help make their work even more successful. BUT, we need your help to make that happen. Our major expense is providing a small stipend to our teachers. Over time that amounts to thousands of dollars. And, with your help we’d like to expand. Please visit our website, www.mycyo.org to make a contribution or send an email to Dave@mycyo.org to schedule a time when he can present information about the CYO to your employees or service club.

newsletter-july-2015-002The first year of the Caesura Youth Orchestra finished with a Summer Music Camp that ran Monday through Friday from June 8-July 10. Each day ran from 9 AM to 1 PM. Two of the students received a scholarship from The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation (see photo). We also received scholarship funding from Oakwood Capital Management and several individuals. During the five weeks the students had vocal training, a first for some of them. While it was difficult to sing together at the beginning, they learned quickly to listen and to not be afraid to sing out. The Music Camp also included rhythm training. They were able individually and as a group to clap rhythms from simple ones to those with sixteenth notes and doted notes. These two exercises were used when they were playing their instruments and needed to work on rhythm or see the difference between different pitches . They also had about an hour and a half each day to play their instruments: clarinets, saxophones, flutes, trumpets, violins and viola. The students performed a concert of over one hour which included: three vocal pieces; six pieces for the woodwinds and brass, seven pieces for the strings, plus a duet (see photo) and solo and four final pieces with the entire ensemble. Yes, after just a few weeks all of the instruments were playing together, something that we were told wasn’t possible. Many of them received their first instrument in late April and now by mid-July they were performing together. We are really proud of these wonderful students.

newsletter-july-2015-001Each student and teacher received a Certificate of Recognition which was prepared by Assembly Member Mike Gatto. We know that a number of parents took pictures. We would love to post those pictures on our website: www.mycyo.org or on our Facebook page. Please email pictures to Dave@mycyo.org.

Two days prior to the concert the Glendale News Press came to take pictures and interview some of the students. Here is a link to the article and pictures.

We are grateful for the support of The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation, Forest Lawn, Charles Music, the Glendale City Seventh-day Adventist church, the La Sierra University Orchestra and many individuals. This allowed us to have a successful first year, but the coming year will require at least as much funding as the past year has. Please help in one of the following ways NOW:

  • Make a donation equal to or greater than you did last year. All donations are fully deductible. Expect a call or visit.
  • Donate an instrument that is no longer being used for us to refurbish and give to a new generation
  • Invite our President, Dave Ferguson to speak at your service club or event about the CYO
  • Set up a monthly donation through your checking account to the CYO. Send an email to Dave@mycyo.org to learn how
  • Select the CYO to receive a donation through your Amazon Smile account
  • Set up a matching contribution with your employer to support the future of Glendale throughthe CYO
July Newsletter – 2015
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