Summer Music Camp

What the students learned

During the 100 hours of the Summer Music Camp, students dramatically increased their skills. Some of them started the camp having a difficult staying with a metronome on quarter notes. By the end of the camp they had spent time in the evening practicing rhythms and could so measures that included eighth notes with rests and syncopation. I was so proud of their progress and other students cheered them on. Other students had a difficult time with singing pitches, something we know is important, especially for strings, as they learn to move from one note to the next. But, they ended up singing with the whole group including some choreography. Great progress.

Many of the students picked up an orchestra instrument for the first time at the beginning of Music Camp. They learned how to get the air in the right place on a flute to make pitches, they learned how to play a clarinet without having it squeak, they learned how to play a violin, viola or cello without it sounding like fingernails on a chalkboard.

By the end of the camp they were able to play their instruments in tune and in the same rhythm. Something that was impossible just a few short weeks earlier. Now they’re ready to help their classmates who will be joining them in the Fall to move forward, too.


This year’s concert was different from last year’s in a couple of significant ways. Last year the students had been learning some basic skills during 8 hours of class each week for nearly four weeks. This year they received their instruments at the beginning of the summer.

While they weren’t at the same place at the end of the Music Camp as the students were last year, the concentrated time of learning was very evident. And, the students who attended last year, served as mentors for new students and performed more challenging pieces as part of the concert.

We were also fortunate to have a young 22-year-old student from the Colburn School of Music come as our guest artist. She was a great inspiration to the students.

Watch for next benefit

Watch for an announcement in our next newsletter about our Fall benefit concert to help us with funding for the beginning of the school year

New classes starting in September — we still need your support

We’re scheduled to begin a new recorder class and resume classes for our String and Woodwind students in early September. While we continue to submit to various foundations, it takes time for the funds to come through. We are so grateful for the wonderful support of our donors. If you have not given recently or would like to make an additional donation we would be very grateful. We have just about completed all of our payments for this past year. Now, we must prepare for the coming year with our annual insurance premium and preparing for the expenses for the coming year.

We’d be happy to have you send a donation via our website: or mail a check to CYO at 610 E. California Ave, Glendale 91206.


July Newsletter – 2016
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