“…………..dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”.  This excerpt from the universally admired Gettysburg Address spotlights an important concept of the American Ideal….and….while it implies, it does not specifically identify what is probably the single most important factor of the American Experience, which is recognition of the universally deserved Equality of Opportunity.

It is with that awareness in mind that organizations such as CYO have been created. There is within the human spirit an innate spark of creativity that needs the opportunity to ‘breathe-free’, be nourished, developed and encouraged-to-flourish, and CYO can be one of the pathways for that to happen.  It is, potentially a life-changing experience that can influence the direction their lives will take.

Those of you who have already participated and/or contributed will be glad to learn that March distinguished itself by students receiving the first of some instruments:

  • 1st  week Clarinets
  • 2nd week Saxaphones
  • 3rd  week Flutes

Students playing strings are currently using the instruments on loan from the GUSD
Many Thanks to those who have donated instruments that have now been refurbished and to those who have made donations for the purchase of instruments.
Students have sectional-rehearsals several times each week with their teacher.

We are grateful to the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation for providing financial support and books that are able to be given to the students for their birthdays and as incentives for progress in class.

On April 29 at 6 PM, in the plaza in front of the Olive Garden Restaurant (Brand & Broadway) CYO will participate in the Taste of Glendale, an annual event to support Glendale Healthy Kids.

On May 15, Friday, CYO will be performing as part of the International Festival at the Cerritos Elementary School.

A word about FUNDING:  We will need support for the Summer Music Camp, June 8 to July 10. We need:

  • donations to support the teachers
  • volunteers to assist teachers
  • event-assistants for the concert

Please vist our website for more information about how to donate, how to participate in Amazon Smile and to see previous newsletters and events. Please share this newsletter with a friend. If someone shared this with you and you would like to receive this newsletter, please email

Please plan to attend any of the events that can be fitted into your schedules.
Thank you.

March/April Newsletter – 2015
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