The next big adventure for our students is the Summer Music Camp. We begin on June 8. Students will be at the Roosevelt Middle School from Monday through Friday from 9AM to 1PM. Each day will include: music education, sectional rehearsals and, of course lunch! WE ONLY NEED 10 MORE SCHOLARSHIP TO COMPLETE OUR SUMMER CAMP for our wonderful CYO students. Can you help?

A full scholarship for the five-week Camp is just $335 or choose another amount that will fit your budget by going to our website, or send a message to We also have room for about 10 other students to join us. If you know a student who would like to have a very special summer learning more about a clarinet, saxophone, flute or string instrument, please request an application from The fee for a non-Cerritos student is just $500 for the five-week Summer Music Camp. As of June 4, we have 25 students enrolled. The students will present a performance, open to the public, on July 10 at 7 PM in the Roosevelt auditorium, 222 E. Acacia Ave.

We are so grateful to our donors for their support. Many thanks to the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation not only for providing a cash donation and books, but also providing scholarships to students attending the Summer Music Camp. Thanks to Forest Lawn Memorial Park for their donation. Thanks to Oakwood Financial Management for scholarship for the Summer Music Camp. And Thanks to many individual donors for regular donations on our website and by designating CYO for their Amazon Smile account. Would you like to join them? Simply go to the home page of our website. We’d love to have you join us as a regular monthly contributor.


The first school-year for the Caesura Youth Orchestra has come to a close … and what a year it has been!

Starting last October, after a couple of ‘bumps-in-the-road’, the first students were provided after-school classes for two hours each day from Tuesday through Friday.
November saw the successful kick-off of a fundraiser with the La Sierra University Orchestra…and a donation of $10,000 from the Glendale City Church.

In December the students gave their debut-concert-performance for a gathering of their parents and celebrated afterwards with a Pizza Party!

January: Many members of the community donated used-instruments to be refurbished for the students.

February: The students had another performance for their parents…and…their First Public Performance which was done at the Glendale Memorial Hospital! Nearly every week, members of orchestras from the Los Angeles area came to introduce an orchestra instrument to the students. And, nearly every month, students are invited by musical organizations like the Glendale Philharmonic or the Glendale Youth Orchestra or the New Valley Symphony to attend a concert.

March became the ‘select-an-instrument-month’ as the students made their choice of an instrument to become their replacement for the Recorder that had been the basis for their music education and learning how-to-play an instrument. First to receive their instruments were those choosing the Clarinet followed by those choosing the Alto Saxophone, then those that chose a Flute.

By mid-April, students were actively involved in playing these new instruments, as well as those who were playing violins. On April 29, the students performed a set of music on their recorders for the Taste of Glendale on Brand Blvd.

During May the students continued to develop their skills on woodwind instruments and strings and to prepare for their largest performance, the International Festival at Cerritos Elementary that was expecting an attendance of over 400! The original performance-date had to be postponed due to unexpected unseasonable-rain on May 15th. On May 29 that concert was presented. It was their final concert on their Recorders and consisted of four short pieces representing several countries; An American Spiritual- “When The Saints Go Marching In”; Germany – “Minuet In G”; An English Shaker tune – “Tis A Gift To Be Simple”; and a Jewish folksong – “Hatikvah”. The students wore their new CYO shirts for the first time and following the concert were able to take their recorders home to keep! Their performance will be posted on our website shortly

What a difference these past few months have made in the lives of students in the CYO! We are already preparing for the next school-year. Please help us! We need to have the funding in-place to be able to offer the CYO experience to two additional schools by early July. We will continue with the current students at Cerritos and will add a new class of students at Cerritos.

Dave Ferguson would by happy to meet with individuals, service clubs or businesses to discuss how you can support the students of Glendale by providing a high-quality musical education that is not currently available to them.

May Newsletter – 2015
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