Caesura Youth Orchestra is very thankful for your help and support!

Two Dates to remember for Caesura Youth Orchestra:

November 29 – Support Caesura Youth Orchestra at #GivingTuesday – make a difference in a child’s life!
December 2 – CYO concert in Glendale

December 2 concert

The Caesura Youth Orchestra will be performing a piece specifically written for them by John Massari. We are so fortunate that he has recently joined the CYO board of directors (see below). Several months ago we approached John and asked if he would be willing to compose a piece for the instruments currently being played by CYO students. He agreed. The work includes parts for recorders, clarinets, flutes, oboe, violin, viola, cello and triangle. This will be the largest audience for which the CYO has performed. The CYO will be conducted by Mr. Frank Fox, the music teacher at Roosevelt Middle School. We hope you will join us. The CYO will be part of the Glendale City Christmas concert that will include: the sanctuary choir, the Glendale Adventist Academy Chorale and a string ensemble composed of members of the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra. The concert begins at 7:30 PM. (610 East California Ave, Glendale) It is a great way to begin the holidays.


Thanks to your continued support, CYO is making a difference! An important part of the training Caesura provides is teaching all the students to be part of a team and to mentor other students. Each week students perform in the classroom in front of other students. When a student is struggling, instead of making fun of them for mistakes, students are constantly asking, “May I help them learn this piece?” This has now extended to the students who have moved from Cerritos to Roosevelt Middle School. Each week, at least two of these former CYO students come back to Cerritos after they get out of school to spend time mentoring. It is this training that has home room teachers at Cerritos commenting about the positive change they see in the students who attend CYO after school. We are also grateful for students from Glendale High who regularly come to help us each week. It is also very exciting to have students who started the program and then dropped out, now come back into the program. We are also very happy to see younger siblings becoming involved in the newest classes. These all reflect very positively on the investment you have made in CYO. Thank you!

Dec 7 parent concert

The CYO students will share a number of pieces they have learned this Fall with parents at a recital in the Cerritos Auditorium on Wednesday, December 7 at 3:30 pm. This will be an opportunity for parents to see the work that their student has done in the last several months. The recorder students have made such progress in learning not only to play their instrument, but to read music and learn musical terms that were completely foreign to them just a few months ago. The woodwinds who started learning a new instrument during the Summer Music Camp have now made significant progress on their instrument. One student started on the oboe this Fall and is being coached once each week by an oboist from the Los Angeles Opera orchestra. The strings are making great progress on playing in tune and the importance of playing together as an ensemble. Each of these groups will be featured in the recital on December 7. We are also hoping that the students will have another opportunity to play in the lobby of Glendale Memorial Hospital on December 8 in the afternoon.

New Board members

We are pleased to have three new members join our Board, who will ensure your support continues to help CYO grow:

Janet Buhl began working in the Glendale Unified School District in 1990 at Mann Elementary. She served as Principal at Verdugo Woodlands Elementary and most recently has been part of Educational Services for the District working with Common Core State Standards and Professional Development. She brings a wealth of knowledge and contacts to our Board. She has already introduced us to a number of great new resources.

Virginia Whitsett, is the Program Director of the C2 Education Office in Glendale. C2 Education started as a private tutoring program out of a Harvard dorm room in 1997. Currently, C2 is experiencing tremendous growth with over 150 Centers nationwide and 2-3 Centers being added each month. She is also a member of the Glendale Healthy Start team.

John Massari, has worked for Hans Zimmer’s production music company, Extreme Music/Sony ATV, composing scores for TV, radio, feature films and the web. He composed the theme for “The Wonderful World of Disney” among many others you will find on his website: In John’s own words, “It all started when I was six. At a triple feature matinee, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Mysterious Island and The Time Machine.  The impact of the music scores hit me like a lightning bolt. I wanted to recreate that experience for myself and the world. After music studies at UCLA and apprenticeship with distinguished film composers, I found myself creating music for both The Walt Disney Company and HBO’s first original series, “The Ray Bradbury Theater”, working alongside one of my all-time heroes, author Ray Bradbury. I am honored to work on compelling projects with brilliant filmmakers.” Bradbury.

IHOP fundraiser

CYO has regularly had benefit concerts to raise funds, but for the first time CYO held a fundraising event. On November 9, those who enjoyed a meal at the Glendale IHOP and turned in their receipts allowed CYO to get a donation of 30% of those receipts. We are so grateful to all of your who supported us; we are receiving $200 from IHOP! For our first fundraising event, we are very pleased. Here’s another way you can support us. Giving Tuesday:

Glendale Kiwanis

On Friday, November 3, the Caesura Youth Orchestra was again recognized for its benefit to Glendale students. CYO was presented with a check for $250 by members of the Glendale Kiwanis. Following the presentation, a member of the Kiwanis gave us another personal donation and another donation was received via our website. We are so grateful for our many supporters in the Glendale community. Thank you Kiwanis! Please join them by making a contribution at our website:

January benefit concert

We are currently negotiating a benefit concert for late in January.

Visit our Facebook page to find more ways to support us with your holiday shopping through Amazon Smile,

November Newsletter – 2016
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