Student progress

It’s great to see the progress of students as they learn new instruments. It is also exciting to see our students who have moved to Middle School coming back to help us, along with the high school students who regularly come to mentor. Any day now, we should receive the music from a studio composer who has been working on a piece for us to play in December. More about that next month.

Please Help Us

The greatest challenge we face is having funds available each month to pay the small stipend to our wonderful teachers. We are currently running behind in the cash flow we need for this month. Please visit our website to see the various ways you can make a contribution to Caesura, We have several donors who make a small contribution each month. If we had 10 more donors like this, it would help us tremendously. We are doing everything we can to raise the necessary funds each month. All donations are tax deductible.

IHOP fundraiser

Please join us for a fundraiser at the Glendale IHOP on November 10 between 7 AM and 10 PM. You must mention that you are support Caesura. There will be a box near the cash register where you will deposit your receipt, so they can calculate the amount we will receive. Encourage lots of friends and family to join you at IHOP by making a copy of the attached flyer and sharing.

New Board members

The Board of the Caesura Youth Orchestra is expanding. We recently welcomed Joe Kelly to the board. He is serving a two-year term as (Housing) Commissioner and a one-year term as Vice-Chairman of the Housing Authority for the City of Glendale. He is a graduate of the Columbia Film School in New York City. Joe has a passion for the work of Caesura because he loves to support under-served, at-risk students. He taught the Columbia MFA writing program to the DARE + Program through CSUN/Richard Weintraub’s office. He was an Honorable-Mention all-state point guard (basketball) at Milford High School in Milford CT and played four years of Division II Men’s Basketball at SCSU in New Haven CT (Southern CT State University). After visiting our class room, he has been talking to colleagues about creating a documentary. We are so pleased he has joined our board. We are currently visiting with other members of the community who will be joining our board in November. If you would like more information about becoming involved with Caesura as a board member or volunteer, please contact Dave Ferguson,


In the Community
  • Presentation to Arts and Culture Commission
    A presentation was made to the Glendale Arts and Culture Commission regarding the work of Caesura on October 20.
  • Donation from Kiwanis
    The Kiwanis will be presenting a check to Caesura on November 4.
  • The Water Buffalo Club made a site visit to observe our classes on October 26. We’re hoping to receive funding from the to refurbish instruments and buy additional instruments that will be needed for our current class of students.
  • The Ella Fitzgerald Foundation is providing another cash donation to Caesura.
  • Forest Lawn made another contribution to Caesura.
Welcome to Madalyn Parnas

The newest member of our Teaching Artist staff is Madalyn Parnas. Madalyn is our Teaching Artist for strings. Madalyn recently moved to Los Angeles after getting married. She was graduated with a Masters in Music from the Indiana Jacobs School of Music and a Masters in Arts with Distinction from the Royal Academy of Music in London. She has performed with ensembles and orchestras in both the United States and Europe including: London Philharmonic, Atlanta Philharmonic, New York String Orchestra, Albany Symphony, El Paso Symphony and L’Orchestre National des Pays de la Lourie (Tour, FR). She has recorded four albums and will perform at the Shanghai and Macao International Music Festivals. As a teenager, she opened her own private studio for violin and piano students. She has been active in classrooms for over 10 years engaging students in music education and performance. We are so fortunate to have her teaching with us. She has already won the hearts of our string students.

October Newsletter – 2016
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