Welcome Caroline Ewan

Welcome to our newest Teaching Artist, Caroline Ewan. Caroline is our string Teaching Artist. She has recently moved to Los Angeles from Houston. In addition to teaching individual students, Caroline is also the co-concertmaster for the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra. She was also the concertmaster, CEO and Founder of the Cypress Symphony. Past students have performed with the       Houston Symphony, at the Conservatoire de Paris, and in Carnegie Hall. They have been featured on radio programs and performed as soloists with collegiate and local orchestras. We are so pleased that she has joined our other Teaching Artists, Rachel Lopez and Chad Ellis.

Financial news

Finances for non-profits are a continuing need whether you’ve been running the non-profit for decades or just a few years. The difference is that those who have been around longer often have a grant writer and staff to help with fundraising. We’d love to have a grant writer help us get funding. We are so grateful to the many individuals and local businesses who provide us with funds, discounts and in-kind service to help us meet our budget. This past month, numerous contributions have come in to cover our three insurance policies. Just this past week a donor made a contribution that moved us nearly half way towards the funds needed to pay our three wonderful Teaching Artists for the month of September. We’d love to have you send us something to help us cover the other half. Please visit our website: www.mycyo.org to see ways you can donate.

We’ve been close to arranging a benefit concert for the Fall several times. We look forward to letting you know soon when it will be.


Thanks to a donation of an oboe (all the way from Texas), we have one of our students who has moved from playing the clarinet for the past two years to the oboe (see attached picture). We are grateful that Mr. Earle Dumler, who has played for the Los Angeles Opera for many years, as well as the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and other professional groups, has agreed to provide coaching to our new oboist as a wonderful contribution to Caesura. After just a couple of weeks, we’re seeing real progress. Mr. Dumler has also donated some reeds and fitted them for this oboe.

New Recorder students

This month we began our third class of students with twenty-three enthusiastic students, mostly third graders. These students come to the class starting with little or no understanding of music education. We begin by learning the staff, the treble clef sign, the time signature and the names of the notes on the lines and spaces. They anxiously begin learning to play their first notes on their recorders and discover quickly that clapping a rhythm, singing the notes and playing the notes aren’t as easy as they first thought. They also are taught to respect everyone by mentoring each other. Often learning to pay attention for a two-hour period of time is a new experience for them.

Returning Orchestra students

Our returning students are advancing in their skills of playing. Our strings meet on Monday and Wednesday and the woodwinds meet on Tuesday and Thursday. Last year they were able to meet four days a week, but because of limited space at the school they are only meeting twice a week. As a result, all students are not just encouraged, but required to participate in the school ensembles that meet on Friday when the District music teacher is on campus. We currently have 8 woodwind students including flute, clarinet and one student starting on trumpet and 10 string students including violin, viola and cello.


Caesura began with zero instruments. Thanks to the generosity of the community and the grant we received last Spring from the Community Foundation of the Verdugos, we now have 46 instruments in our inventory. We will be adding more instruments later this Fall from the Foundation grant as we discover which instruments the students will be selecting. We also have several instruments that have been received recently that need to be refurbished. We are hoping to receive funding to make that possible soon.

Caesura leadership and board members continue to be actively involved in the community through Healthy Start at the GUSD, the Strategic Alliance, Glendale Arts and various service clubs. We are actively seeking to expand our board to include others in the community who would like to help change the lives of young people through music. Please visit our website to see our current board members Please contact Dave@mycyo.org, if you would like to be considered for our board of directors.

September Newsletter – 2016
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